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We recommend:

Benjamin Moore




Both companies have high quality paints that will satisfy your needs.  Both have a large choice of colors.  Click on the links to see their color selections.  Please be aware: that viewing colors through a computer screen or printed copy does not give a true color.  Use the links above to get an idea of which colors you may like.  Colors are best viewed in the room they will be used.  View the color at different times during the

day and night.  A color you love in the morning may make you sick at night.  Visit a local store to get true color samples of your choices.  D. T. Associates can also bring fan decks of colors to you.

If you see a color you like on a pillow, shirt or anything else, D.T. Associates Painting can have the color matched. Give us a call - you will be glad you did.

We Use Benjamin Moore Paints
We Use Sherwin-Williams Paints
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